Print3D Textil




free project


Wiete Sommer
In this project, titled „Prind3d Textil“ I delved into the realm of 3D printing in collaboration with Wiete Sommer. This exploration aimed to uncover the possibilities of integrating 3D printing into textile design, experimenting with various methods to create textile-like properties.
I focused on crafting chains, chainmail, and connections through mesh structures, exploring the use of TPU (flexible filament) as the printing material. To enhance flexibility, I omitted the top and bottom layers in the slicer and played with different infill patterns. The project involved creating hinges and links for movable yet sturdy elements, akin to chainmail but separable. One intriguing aspect was 3D printing directly onto nylon fabric. This resulted in captivating deformations, as the printed material interacted with the tensioned fabric—a sandwich of PLA, nylon fabric, and PLA. Throughout the process, I experimented with various parametric patterns using Rhino3D X Grasshopper and my Creality CR10V2 3D Printer.
In 2022, I had the opportunity to share insights from this research project in a workshop at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, focusing on textile design. Using CAD software Rhino3D and the parametric tool Grasshopper, we explored new ways and possibilities stemming from this project. This was a workshop organized by Studium Digitale.