RePrinting PLA




free project


Franz Ferdinand Richter
In the “Pellet Extruder” research project, I purchased and integrated a Mahor XYZ Experimental Pellet Extruder into a modified Creality 3D printer. The primary objective is to directly 3D print old PLA residues or waste without the need for filament production.
This involves the shredding of the waste material. Determining the optimal granule size presents a challenge, with a preference for smaller granules due to the limited size and length of the extruder chamber.
Test objects, such as parametric vases generated through Grasshopper3d, were utilized to explore the aesthetic possibilities arising from the diverse colors of various PLA remnants. The project is an ongoing research endeavor, continuing to delve into the feasibility and intricacies of incorporating waste directly into the 3D printing process.