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In the ongoing pursuit of DIY plotter potential, this research project signifies a methodical extension of previous work. The project entails a series of systematic experiments, seeking to broaden the scope of the initial DIY plotter. Various alternative workflows were employed to produce intricate designs.
The first image delves into vector fields, crafted in Touchdesigner and translated into SVG. The second image illustrates a Gyroid structure, meticulously reconstructed from a sphere through Voxel Remesh in Blender, then converted to SVG. The third image explores an astronaut generated through artificial intelligence, employing a sophisticated algorithm to replicate color channels and introduce controlled chaos through a random walker.
Acknowledgments go to Felix Tesche for coding support in translating p5js to SVG, see the improved version in the last image. The integration of custom GCode generation in Grasshopper Rhino solidifies the transformation of digital experiments into tangible, plotter-rendered outputs.