Glam Boom




Wiete Sommer


Wiete Sommer
„Dive into the vibrant world of ‚Glam Boom by Wiete Sommer,‘ where I had the pleasure of creating the artwork. Glam Boom encapsulates glitter, the rustle of beards, the twinkle of masks, and the shimmer of tassels on flying trout. Wiete Sommer‘s space at the Watch Out! Festival invites visitors to dress up, light up, and immerse themselves in a festival-style experience. It‘s an escape from the ordinary, a chance to put on Glam Boom and leave the room transformed.
The project speaks a language beyond words. The sensory experience involves glitter, beard rustles, mask blinks, and tassel shimmer on flying trout. Amid neon Nike sweaters, the installation unfolds against vacant wallpapers, offering a brief respite from everyday life.

Glam Boom isn‘t just a written piece; it‘s an immersive happening. It marries political poetry with Westwood‘s post-punk aesthetics, set in the late-industrial Rococo of La Beau. This interactive installation is part of the „WATCH OUT FESTIVAL“ at Festspielhaus Hellerau in March 2023.
The artwork was crafted using CGI tools Blender and BlenderKit Free Models. As an extension of this art project, a scarf was created, featuring the title and artwork of the interactive installation ‚Glam Boom.‘“