Kids Balance Bike




HTW Dresden
LignoTube GmbH
cooperation project


Prof. Markus Keichel
Niko Alber
In collaboration with Dresden-based company LignoTUBE, a balance bike for children was created during the second semester of the Master‘s program, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the bicycle. Utilizing an innovative manufacturing technology, LignoTUBE produces natural wood veneer tubes, offering a unique combination of lightweight and exceptional durability.
The primary goal of the balance bike is to aid toddlers in balance training and introduce them to the successful operation of a bicycle. Its lightweight construction is advantageous for young children, and the appealing aesthetics, valued by many parents, set it apart. The lightweight LignoTUBE material presents vast potential, distinguishing this cost-effective balance bike with a lightweight structure and extraordinary design from others on the market.

The chosen design focuses on a prominent top tube, presenting a calm and harmonious aesthetic with good implementability. The saddle height adjustment mechanism, designed for quick and tool-free adjustments, adds practicality to the bike. Integrating cylindrical basic forms and 3D-printed components alongside leather accents enhances the visual appeal and provides a refreshing contrast to the wooden frame,
The design concepts revolved around the subtraction, addition, and integration approaches, each emphasizing the unique qualities of LignoTUBES. The target audience, comprising parents with purchasing power and decision-making authority, seeks aesthetic, high-quality, and durable products. The design integrates the LignoTUBE material intelligently, offering both visual appeal and functional advantages.

The balance bike was developed considering the needs of both parents and children. The well-positioned target audience, individuals aged between mid-20s and late 30s, often new parents, values a dynamic lifestyle, outdoor activities, ecological living, and durable products, especially for their children.