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My Master‘s thesis project, named “Entwurf eines Kopfschutzes für den Klettersport unter Betrachtung von generativen Gestatungsmethoden”, explores the design of a climbing helmet using generative design methods and additive manufacturing. The objective was to create innovative product structures and aesthetics through generative design, focusing on the growing popularity of climbing and the associated risks, particularly in natural settings.
The climbing sport has witnessed a surge in popularity, evident in the increasing membership numbers of the German Alpine Club. However, inherent risks persist, making the use of a helmet crucial, as a quarter of severe head injuries could have been prevented by wearing one. The design challenge was not only to enhance protection but also to consider factors like fit, comfort, and aesthetics that influence the adoption of safety gear.
Unlike traditional foam and ABS plastic shell solutions, CRUX aims to leverage additive manufacturing, offering new production possibilities. Using complex software programs and Grasshopper algorithms, the helmet‘s design incorporates „digital materials“ that can possess specific properties like damping or ventilation depending on configuration. The project delved into the convergence of digital design, individual anatomy, and safety needs. The design process allowed for customization based on the user‘s preferences and requirements, marking a shift towards customer-specific mass production in the wake of ongoing digital transformations in the industry.
CRUX‘s parametric damping structure enables individualized helmet adjustments, while the generative manufacturing process forms the basis for mass customization. The helmet‘s strap system incorporates a magnetic closure for easy one-handed operation during climbing. The project‘s success lies in its ability to merge safety, functionality, and aesthetics, setting the stage for potential collaboration with key climbing helmet manufacturers. As the industry witnesses shifts toward customization, additive manufacturing could revolutionize the production process for climbing helmets, akin to innovations seen in major sportswear brands like Nike or Adidas.