Plotter Art




Zcom Zuse Museum


Tom Witschel
Amidst the pandemic’s surplus of free time, my designer’s curiosity sparked a quest for a new project. As a lecturer at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle, I was actively involved in the “Binary Matter” project, focusing on parametric design and digital fabrication, which included the intriguing realm of controlling 3D printers with custom GCode. Seeking to introduce students to another captivating machine, I delved into researching the construction of a pen plotter.
Design Process
Discovering open-source building instructions and 3D data on was a good starting point. Shout-out to the maker community fostering knowledge exchange! Transforming intricate graphics from the computer screen onto paper with a real pen using my DIY plotter proved to be an incredibly instructive experience. Little did I anticipate that these creations would find their way into an exhibition.
The project gained recognition within my designer network, leading to an exhibition at the Zcom Zuse Museum Hoyerswerda, titled “A bit of Art.” This exhibition, alongside Frider Nake and Horst Bartnig, delved into computer art with drawing robots, showcasing the convergence of technology and artistry. It was an honor to be part of this exhibition, surrounded by impressive personalities and pioneers in the field.