HTW Dresden


Victoria Palm
“Stria,” a collaborative project with Victoria Palm for the Bachelor Thesis, redefines the conventional child bike seat by ingeniously integrating it with the functionality of a basket. This dual-purpose design aims to streamline everyday activities by ensuring the safety of the child during transportation while offering a practical solution for grocery shopping.
In just three simple steps and without the need for extra tools, Stria effortlessly transforms from a child bike seat into a functional basket. By adjusting the head- and footrest using the intuitive orange wheels, which operate on a plug-in principle, users can customize the seat to their preferences. The added safety feature of reflectors on the wheels enhances visibility during traffic.
Inspired by the light geometry of a bicycle, Stria’s design incorporates ribbons, creating a lightweight yet sturdy structure that seamlessly transitions from child bike seat to a fully functional basket. This innovative approach not only enhances convenience but also transforms the child bike seat into a sleek and practical accessory, eliminating the bulkiness traditionally associated with such components on a bike. Stria represents a harmonious fusion of form and function, offering an efficient and stylish solution for urban commuters.